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Nancy Pelosi
  Speaker Pelosi Weekly News Conference  CSPAN  September 26, 2019 6:52pm-7:18pm EDT

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and to be with my colleagues on this journey has been wonderful. we look forward to the future. mr. roe: i would say god bless the palestinians and the israel ies. wish them nothing but the best. mr. rogers: well said. with that, we yield back -- mrs. rodgers: well said. with that, we yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back the balance of her time. for what purpose does the gentlelady from washington rise? mrs. rodgers: i move that we now adjourn. the speaker pro tempore: the question is on the motion to adjourn. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the ayes have it. the motion is adopted. accordingly, the house stands adjourned until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.
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ms. pelosi: good morning, everyone. it's a sad week for our country. very prayerfully and patriotically we had to come to a decision to move forward with
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an impeachment inquiry of the president of the united states. this is nothing that we take lightly. and in trying to balance our responsibility to protect and defend the constitution of the nited states in a way that was notdy vicive in our country, but ewe newt knighting in our country. we wanted -- but uniting in our country, we wanted to have a fuller understanding of the facts. last week we saw something that removed all doubt as to whether e should move forward. a distinct change in the body of knowledge that we had in which to make a decision. so when people say to me, what made you change your mind, i didn't change my mind. i've always been on the course of finding the facts as we honor our constitution. and the facts are these, that the president of the united
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states and his actions in a telephone call with a head of state betrayed his oath of office, our national security, and the integrity of our elections. this is about the facts, this the constitution of ion the united states. and we have to make a judgment in an inquiry as we move inquir to further establish the facts. the united states. and we have to make a judgment in an inquiry as we move forward. there are some in our caucus who think, let's just have an impeachment. no. we have to have an there is no rush to judgment and in some ways we are a jury. open to what might be exculpatory or not. ut every day the sadness grows because the disregard for our constitution that the president has becomes more clear. i'll just read from the complaint which is now public,
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but which i saw yesterday. when it wasn't. the complaint states that the white house tried to lock down all records of the call, especially the word for word transcript. that gave the whistleblower reason to believe that they, the white house, understood the graphicity of what transpired in that call. the complaint reports a, quote, repeated abuse of an electronics record system designed to store classified, sensitive national security information, which the white house used to hide information of a political nature. this is a cover-up. this is a cover-up. let me just say a word about whistleblowers. first let me say how proud i am of our members in our caucus for the thoughtfulness that they have brought to this. some with their own timing. others, like our freshmen
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democratic defense mens -- members, with their beautiful statement earlier in the week, letter ing what their alleged about the president. i also want to salute our six chairmen. they've done a remarkable job. adam schiff is holding forth now. chairman cummings, let me say a word about him. chairman cummings is an expert on inspectors general and on whistleblowers. so in addition to all of the other oversight responsibilities that his committee has over all of government, in this particular great has been a intellectual resource on it. whistleblowers play an important role in our government in revealing wrongdoing that they see. i've been an important part of writing bills to protect whistleblowers from retaliation. and that's what we hope to do
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in this case as well. protect the whistleblower reporting wrongdoing from retaliation. mr. nadler's a master of the constitution. congresswoman waters, a strategic thinker, and has her ase before the courts now, the deutsche bank case, along with mr. schiff in that case. chairman neal with his case in the courts on the president's taxes. mr. engel, part of the foreign affairs committee which has jurisdiction in terms of this telephone call as well. but it is an intelligence matter and it is focused in the intelligence committee. i just want to say again on whistleblowers. whistleblowers are important in intelligence -- and intelligence communities specifically have publicly recognized the importance of whistleblowering in pointing out wrongdoing and the importance of protection of
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whistleblowers. so here we are with another example of violations of the constitution on the part of the president, of continuing discussion that we've been having with him. and i was very pleased that the senate voted to reverse their ecision to take $3.6 billion from military construction and spending it on his wall. we will have that vote today in our caucus, the reversal of that decision. so as we go forward and still continue with our day to day work on -- yesterday we had a big rally. we all wore black to mourn those lost to gun violence. we asked the president to pay attention to that. i pray for him and his family and their safety. i also pray that he cares about the safety of other people's families in our country.
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the first 200 days, now it's more, of this congress, we've passed very significant legislation consistent with our promise to the american people in last year's campaign. for-the-people agenda. to lower the cost of health care by lowering the cost of prescription drugs. to increase pay pecks by building infrastructure of america -- paychecks by building infrastructure of america in a green way. well, on the first two, prescription drugs and infrastructure, hopefully we can have some bipartisan cooperation. cleaner government, i don't think so. but we will persist with that. of the aagenda after we have sent over to the senate, we would hope they would listen to the people 90% of the america cap people support background checks caped in h.r. 8 that is over there. that list goes on. we are doing our work. we are legislating for the good of the american people in away
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that tries to find common ground. we are investigating, as is our responsibility, and we are legitimating and now they have no choice to ask for an impeachment inquiry based on the president's actions. reporter: i wondered how this complaint affects the push for impeachment. many democrats are saying they would like to vote in the committee on articles of i will peefment. does that change the time line? ms. pelosi: our consensus we this roceed under where matter is relevant and that is in the intelligence committee. the time line is how the committee proceeds and the time line will spring from them. there is consensus in our committee, in our caucus of how we have proceeded and focused.
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our oath of office is protect and defend. this is a national security issue. the actions taken by the president lifts it to a whole new terrain, a whole level of concern about his lawlessness. reporter: on the content, would you pursue potential articles of impeachment specifically focused on -- ms. pelosi: when the committee reaches -- finishes its work and the work that already been done by other chairs, there will be other determinations how we are going to proceed but i won't go into that day. reporter: it will be narrowed and focused on ukraine and what the committees are focused on? ms. pelosi: the inquiry and consensus is that our focus now
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is on this allege, where we are seeing the evidence of it by the president thinks this is exculpatory, maybe he doesn't know that word and maybe that proves his innocence and goes to show how he doesn't understand right from wrong. it isn't about what we -- this is the focus at the moment because this is the chart. all of the other work that relates to abuse of power ignoring subpoenas of congress, abuse of contempt of congress by him, those things will be considered later, but right now, we are in the inquiry stage. let's not patriotic any conclusions about articles of impeachment. we have to get the facts. reporter: you are the top
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democrat on the intelligence committee and created the d.n.i. he testified this morning this was unprecedented but he has delayed the release of the whistle plore complaint. he said there was good reason why he did that. based on your background in intelligence, is that acceptable to you? ms. pelosi: he broke the law. the d.n.i. shall convey the complaint to the intelligence committee, not the whole congress. carefully balanced to protect the -- our intelligence and to protect the whistleblower. he has to convey it. if the complainant is comeing to a committee, he or she, whoever the person that establishes the
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terms under which they would come to protect our intelligence and also protect any information the whistleblower may convey from the espionage act charges. and the very idea that the subject of the complaint is who he went to to find out if it was ok to go forward i think is wrong. reporter: is there something nepharious behind him? he ms. pelosi: it's wrong and against the law.
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ms. pelosi: whatever other explanation there might be, an explanation also that it is a coverup. and the president has been engaged in a coverup all long. why else would he be obstructing the courts to release the information about the deutch bank and his accountants and his taxes and the records there and the whole amol you mepts issue. but it contributes to the idea
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that the president believes he is above the law, the constitution of the united states which forbids the president and he is asking a foreign government to help him in his election. the president, as i said, i respect the role, the president is to speak to foreign leaders and sometimes their conversations are at a level of confidentiality that is appropriate. it is not the role of the president to shakedown leaders withholdingpurposes taxpayer money to do so. reporter: do you the committee will call witnesses? ms. pelosi: i can't speak to the committee. reporter: what message do you have to the committee?
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ms. pelosi: speak truth. speak truth. and i'm very careful about this. this is a heavy decision to go down this path. some people, it was easier. they thought the transgressions were self-evident. thought we needed more facts to show the american people as to why this was necessary. but last week, use anything you and a new day has dawned y analogy, we are at a different level of lawlessness that is self-evident to the american people which is clearer than saying the president wouldn't let see us this records
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and we can't show what the president is hiding. as long as he keeps obstructing and because of the whistleblower, we have this access, then we have a heightened responsibility to act upon those facts. i have said in years, and 25 years in intelligence, i was seven years longer than anybody on the ethics committee. we were trained, it's about the facts and the law and the rules of the house, nothing else matters. if you have the president being cowardly and not wanting to offend 10% of the nation who are not support of gun violence or cruel in terms of dreamers or transgender and in denial about climate change. opposition to women's rights,
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choose the equal pay, any of those things, if you have those disagreements, save that with the election. the facts of his actions and his lawlessness which he considers a virtue and his -- and the constitution of the unions. -- united states. our founders, september 17, constitution day, a day we celebrate our constitution, the beauty of the law, system of the checks and balances, premises of he press, the ability to amend the constitution. we observed the constitution. the word broke of the
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president's betrayal of that constitution. o it is heartbreaking, but nonetheless, it's our responsibility, because the beauty of the constitution, system of checks and balances, co-equal branches of government are a check on each other and the president declaring article 2, the executive branch says i can do whatever i want. that's not what the constitution says. perhaps he is ill advised and perhaps he doesn't know, but we do. but the article 2 doesn't make anyone -- that is exactly what our founders avoided. and benjamin franklin said dr. franklin, what do we have a monarchy or a republic? he said a republic, if we can
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keep it. if you heard me say, our founders as thomas be payne said of our founders, he said that done. but in a time of urgency to protect and defend he constitution for the dem -- democracy they fought to win to defend the constitution of the united states. reporter: just to go back to db you said you would like this process, have you given the committee chairmen deadline? ms. pelosi: no. the facts will determine the time line. reporter: you did speak with the president on tuesday morning, was there anything else in that phone call that was noteal or
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anything to think about moving forward? ms. pelosi: he called to talk about gun violence protection and he said things were really moving and i would be really happy with how the democrats and republicans were moving around. we sent our bill over 200 days ago. 100 people die a day. and every day goes by that list goes by. we called him a couple of subpoenaeds when it was exactly 200 days and meant 20,000 people have died. and he said, we will be making progress on this and that. and i said on that sunday before say pray for their safety and you. i pray for the president all the
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time. and i pray that he will i will lume nation that he has the safety of families in our country. in any event, he was telling me how well things were moving forward and i would hear what he was seeing whoever else was deciding. i said i would look forward to that. and he changed the subject what would be coming next and how perfect this conversation was with the head of state. i'm telling you what is already in the public domain and don't ant to go into the conversation. it is a historic call. and i don't call and say i had this call unless it is in the public domain which that is and i can concxds con film that.
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but the president didn't seem to see what was wrong. i just reminded of my 25 years in intelligence and he was now in my wheelhouse and subject. if anybody is interested, we are moving ahead on the u.s.-mexico-canada agreement and hoping to be on a continuing path to yes. yesterday in our caucus, that was the presentation of our working group to our caucus to hear what some of their observations were. and we talked about h.r. , which is our lower prescription drug costs now legislation, which is receiving rave receive views except the farm suital industry which is misrepresenting what is it is. it will lower costs not only for
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our seniors but guy negotiating power and negotiating lower prices for medicare but the prices would apply in the private sector as well and it has provisions that would stop the abuse of our paying four, five, six times for the prescription drug that is sold in other countries and puts a cap on what seniors will be required to pay for prescription drugs and less than what the senate is proposing. and it will be acted upon by the committees of jurisdiction. and chairman neal and frank pallone and bobby scott in the education and labor committee. this is very, very important. and some of you heard me say on the campaign trial, i have seen
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and see how an cry debilitating it is. so we continue to move forward on meeting the needs of the american people and making progress for them and that is what is important to them, what we do and how it effects their daily lives. that's our responsibility. we take an oath to protect and defend the constitution. thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit